What does it mean to be a soul of spirit in this human body? And how can we continuously and increasingly give space to the divine impulse as it wants to manifest through our existence on mother Earth?

These questions have intuitively been with Katharina for a long time and became more clear, tangible and “workable” through the discovery of Yoga and meditation. In her own practice as well as in her teaching she is guided by these questions in a heart-felt, gentle and devoted way. Her classes carry the invitation to uncover ways in which we prevent ourselves from fully discovering and being of service to our True Nature and its full expression.


Tantric Hatha Yoga, Embodied Yin and Embodied Flow / Vinyasa: 700hours

What emerged from these trainings is a form of facilitation in which she holds space for students to embark on an inquiry of what is true in the moment in an embodied way. Besides facilitating classes in these three styles she loves to guide Yoga Nidra, the auspicious practice of conscious Yogic sleep meditation. By now you can also find some of her recorded work on Insight Timer.

The classes are in English